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Ask a Health Professional Part 3

Q. How do I deal with picky kids who won’t eat the meals I’ve prepared? A. Having a child who is a picky eater can be challenging and make meal times feel like a battlefield. Some strategies for helping you… Continue Reading →

Ask A Health Professional: Part 2

We have more of your family meal related questions answered here! Q. My family has a history of diabetes, how do I help to protect my kids? A. The best way to help your family reduce the risk of diabetes… Continue Reading →

Ask a Health Professional: Answers here!

We have several questions that our health professionals have answered this month. Check out a couple below, and stay tuned for more throughout the rest of September! Q. How can I help my family be less dependent on sugar? A. Cutting back on… Continue Reading →

What’s in Season in Utah?

Do you know what produce is in season in the state of Utah? Check out this handy chart from Utahns Against Hunger! http://www.uah.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Seasonal-Eating-Chart-PDF.pdf What are some benefits of buying in-season or local produce? -Often cheaper -Usually tastes better -More nutrients:… Continue Reading →

Family Meals and Suicide

Teen and child suicide is a serious topic in the United States and a major cause of death among our youth. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control reports that: -For children ages 10 to 24, suicide is the third highest… Continue Reading →

Sunday Fun Fact

Did you know that eating dinner as a family may protect your children against several risky behaviors–including disorder eating patterns like binging and purging or using diet pills? In one study of children and adolescents, in families where a family… Continue Reading →

Family Dinner Hack: Smartphone Apps for Healthy Meals

Whether you want to find healthy dinner ideas, track your food intake, or find local produce, there is a smartphone app to help you achieve your health meal goals. Check out our list of great smartphone apps to improve your eating!… Continue Reading →

Ask A Health Professional!

Have a question about eating healthily? Wondering how to plan kid-friendly family meals? Ask one of our health professionals your family-meal related question here! All responses are anonymous and will be answered in an upcoming Facebook post, so stay tuned. Meet our… Continue Reading →

Parent Hacks

In Need of Some Parent Hacks? Here is a fun website that goes through many of the troubles of parenting, including healthy family meal-time. Learn new tricks and tips that can help you in most any situation you find yourself… Continue Reading →


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