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5 Healthy Fall/Winter Dinner Hacks

With the first day of fall just days behind us and leaves changing, fall is upon us! And with it will come holidays and cold weather. Unfortunately, this is also the time where healthy eating habits can go out the… Continue Reading →

Fun Fact of the Week: Some Benefits of Family Meals

A review of research studies conducted on the benefits of family meals shows that there are many positive psychosocial consequences in youth and children. In adolescents psychosocial dysfunction is one of the most widely identified conditions. Family meals allow time… Continue Reading →

What’s in Season in Utah?

Do you know what produce is in season in the state of Utah? Check out this handy chart from Utahns Against Hunger! http://www.uah.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Seasonal-Eating-Chart-PDF.pdf What are some benefits of buying in-season or local produce? -Often cheaper -Usually tastes better -More nutrients:… Continue Reading →

Ask A Health Professional!

Have a question about eating healthily? Wondering how to plan kid-friendly family meals? Ask one of our health professionals your family-meal related question here! All responses are anonymous and will be answered in an upcoming Facebook post, so stay tuned. Meet our… Continue Reading →

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