Having a kitchen crisis? Made a cooking mistake and don’t know what to do? Don’t have all the necessary ingredients and don’t have time to get to the store? Check out these great cooking hacks and resources for help in the kitchen!

1) Oversalt soup? Throw in an extra potato–it will soak up the extra salt.

2) If your milk is about to go bad, throw in a pinch of baking soda to extend its life

3) Keep bananas separate from other fruits, as they release a ripening gas

4) Here’s a tip for using old leftovers: put the remains in a pan, sautee, cover with 5 beaten eggs and whipping cream, sprinkle cheese on top, and cook slowly.

5) Buy meat in bulk at the beginning of the month and buy the fresh ingredients needed to complement the meat (fruits, vegetables) as you go.

Cheap, healthy, and hearty dinner staples to incorporate into dinners:

1) Rice (buy in bulk section of supermarkets–cheaper than buying prepackaged food). Use in burritos, casseroles, soups, stews, or as a side.

2) Pasta–perfect for pairing with meat or vegetables and can be served hot, cold, or as a side.

3) Eggs–use in omelets, quiche, egg salad sandwiches, breakfast burritos, egg fried rice, etc.

4) Beans–add to soups, stews, burritos, salads, grains, pastas, enchiladas, and casseroles. Canned beans are cheap, but buying dry beans and soaking them yourself is even cheaper.

5) Potatoes–come in many different varieties. Buy in large or 5-lb bags.

6) Canned tuna–add to pasta, grains, casseroles, salads, and make into tuna sandwiches and tuna burgers.

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