On a budget? Have starving teenagers that seem to eat you out of house and home? Here are some great money-saving hacks that can help you when you are in a pinch.

1) Save money by eating foods in season. Find recipes using foods that are naturally harvested in the season you’re buying; they are usually cheaper (and taste better).

2) Save money and time by doubling up! Double your recipes and save half in the freezer to reheat for a later dinner.

3) Consider swapping out fresh fruits and vegetables for frozen in recipes, as they are often cheaper and have all the nutritional value of fresh produce.

4) Save money by doing-it-yourself (DIY): avoid pre-cut, pre-washed, or pre-packaged produce and foods. Avoid buying salads in a bag, and soak and cook your own beans.

5) Save money by buying larger containers (a large container of yogurt vs. several small, individual yogurts).

6) Check out our $10 recipes for families of four or more! Adds up to just $2.50 per person.

7) Check out extreme couponing. It’s a great way to save money over time.

8) Grow your own vegetable garden. It saves money in the summer months, and even if you have limited space, there are several ways to have a garden. Check out: Foods you can grow from scraps. Herbs to grow indoors. Vegetables to grow indoors.

9) Grocery stores are designed to make you spend more money than you want to. Avoid spur of the moment decisions when you checkout, never go shopping hungry, and pick a smaller shopping cart or basket.

10) Cut down on snack foods when you grocery shop. If you cut down on snacks it saves you money and helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle.,

11) Eat healthy meals! Studies show that preparing healthier meals saves money over time.