Whether you want to find healthy dinner ideas, track your food intake, or find local produce, there is a smartphone app to help you achieve your health meal goals. Check out our list of great smartphone apps to improve your eating!

1) ShopWell (free). 

Create a personal profile with your age, gender, nutrition goals, allergies, etc. Then, scan foods at the grocery store to determine whether each food item will fit in with your personal goals and health needs. Each item will receive a score (0-100) based on your particular criteria. (Also check out Fooducate, a similar app!)

2) HealthyOut (free).

Plug in your address to HealthyOut and add in any dietary restrictions or food preferences. A list of healthy restaurants near you will appear–better yet, the app will even note the healthiest food items on the menu! (Also check out Restaurant Nutrition and Food Tripping).

3) Ingredient1 (free).  

Are you and your family in a dinner rut? Fill out a questionnaire assessing your diet needs, allergies, and ingredients you like and dislike. Ingredient1 will then present a list of recommended foods to try, along with a grocery list and a list of stores where you can find these ingredients nearby.

4) Locavore (free). 

Maps farmers’ markets and other produce; also reports what produce is in season and where to find it.

5) Chemical Cuisine (free)

Nutrition labels can get complicated. This app breaks down the chemicals listed on food labels to tell you what exactly they are and how safe and healthy they are so you can make smart food choices.

6) Eat Slower (free).

Eating more slowly helps us to eat less and savor our food. Eat Slower is an adjustable timer that helps set a pace while eating. Each time the timer runs out, you are cued to eat another bite of food. Great to train you–and your family–to eat slower and enjoy your meals.

7) Rise ($20/week). 

Want the one-on-one advice of a nutritionist, but don’t have the time to find one? Sign up for Rise, which pairs you up with a registered dietitian. Set goals with your dietitian and then snap and send photos of your meals. Your nutrition coach will reply with feedback and tips for improvement. If the price is too steep, remember that you can try using it only for a week to learn where you can improve. ($20/week)

8) Substitutions ($1.99). 

This app helps you to search for healthy substitutions in all your favorite recipe

9) Perfect Produce (Free). 

Fruit and vegetable glossary that teaches users how to buy, store, and use produce in recipes.