Did you know that eating dinner as a family may protect your children against several risky behaviors–including disorder eating patterns like binging and purging or using diet pills?

In one study of children and adolescents, in families where a family dinner was shared at least 3 or times per week, children and adolescents were:

-12% less likely to be overweight

-24% more likely to eat healthily

-35% less likely to participate in disordered eating (binging and purging, using diet pills, using laxatives or smoking cigarettes to control weight, skipping meals, etc.)

Check out the study here for more information, and remember that making family dinners a priority may bring greater health and protective benefits for our families than we realize. Stay tuned for more Sunday Fun Facts this month.

Image credit: http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/02/26/172897660/family-dinner-treasured-tradition-or-bygone-ideal