Having trouble navigating busy family schedules? Don’t have enough prep time to make a home-cooked meal happen? Here are some great tips for saving/finding time so that you can make family dinner happen.

1) Take an afternoon every few months to plan out seasonally appropriate meals to save yourself cooking time and money at the grocery store.

2) Once home from the grocery store, pre-cut all vegetables to save time during dinner prep.

3) Pre-make your meals for the week and freeze them or place them in the refrigerator. Just re-heat and serve up for your family!

4) Make a list of quick meals your family enjoys and stick it on the fridge. When time is short or you’re out of ideas, refer back to the list.

5) Can’t make family dinner happen? Almost everyone has their mornings free. Just plan to go to bed a little bit early and have a healthy family breakfast. You get all the benefits of family time, without the crazy schedules!

6) Divide cooking tasks among family members to shorten the prep time. Also, this provides the benefit of additional bonding time with your kids.

7) Can’t make a full-blown meal? Just put out ingredients buffet-style on the dinner table for salads, sandwiches, and other healthy finger foods. It’s healthy, fun, and takes less than 5 minutes.

8) Plan out your weekly menu with your family’s calendar, making sure to save the more time-consuming meals for lazier days.

9) Structure your weeknight dinners in themes: Taco Tuesday, Sandwich Wednesday, Pasta Thursday, etc. Organizing the week this way makes it easier to think of meals for each day.

10) Take a look at our Pinterest boards and recipes for 5-ingredient meals. The less food, the less prep!